Blackjack Betting Strategy

There are a lot of blackjack betting strategies that have been invented through the long period of this game existence. One of them is Flat Betting. Using this system players wager the same amount each bet irrespective of winning or losing. If the player knows the basic strategy with Flat Betting he/she doesn’t lose much. Another advantage is that system doesn’t require big bankroll.

One of the oldest and the most frequently used strategies is Martingale system. It is a very simple method. The player doubles the bet after each loss and returns to the original bet in the case of winning. The idea is that the player will win sooner or later and return all the lost money. For using this strategy effectively the player should have sufficiently big bankroll at a low-limit table.

Another strategy has been titled after the name of the French mathematician and philosopher, Jean le Rond D’Alembert. This method is very similar to Martingale system but it has own peculiarities. If the player loses, the bet is raised by one unit. If he/she wins, the bet is lowered by one unit. The main aim of the D’alembert Method is to win larger bets and lose smaller ones.

Using the Paroli blackjack betting strategy the player begins with the minimum bet. In the case of winning the wager amount increases. Otherwise the bet is returned to original amount. For using this method effectively it is recommended to have a plan before starting the gaming session. The advantage of the Paroli strategy is that it is relatively stable method that doesn’t require substantial investments. However, in the long run it shows no profitable results.

There are many other strategies that can be successfully used when you play online blackjack. Players can try them out almost at all the online casinos including Grand Parker Casino (US), Begado Casino (US), 7Spins Casino (US), Ladbrokes Casino, and These online casinos offer a wide variety of blackjack variations. Before using one or another blackjack betting strategy it is better to examine its effectiveness in practice mode available at any popular casino in the internet.

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